Teddington Café Bridge

in aid of Teddington Memorial Hospital and Safe Passage

Tuesday 5th February 2019


Thank you from Barbara, Jenny, Pauline, Rosemary and Victor to all who participated in Teddington Cafe Bridge 2019, to all those who donated raffle prizes, and to our hosts: The Teddington Arms, The Railway, Shambles, The King's Head, Côte and Piazza Firenze. Finally a huge thank you to those who donated such wonderful raffle prizes, and to The Foley Bridge Club for allowing us to use their bidding boxes free of charge.

Congratulations to winners Maggie West and Eugenie Taylor and runners-up Paul Hainsworth and Terry Welsh, and well done to everybody else too for being great sports. Full results can be found on the Kingston Bridge Club website here:

A few photos from the day can be found here:

Amount raised:We intend to update this page over the next few days with the final sum raised for our beneficiaries. In the meantime please send us any feedback on the event or results queries. Make sure to save the date of 4th February 2020 for the next Teddington Cafe Bridge. If you enjoyed the event, you may be interested in other Cafe Bridge offerings for 2019, as listed here:
Café Bridge Schedule 2019

We look forward to welcoming you next year.

Barbara Beaumont (bb@thebeaumonts.net) Jenny Breeden (jennifer.breeden1@gmail.com) Pauline Finn (pmcfinn@virginmedia.com) Rosemary Vase (rosemaryvase@gmail.com)
Victor Lesk (brianplaysbridge@gmail.com)

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