Saturday Safari in Esher in aid of Elmbridge Rentstart † 

Saturday 4th August 2018

A warm thank you from Lou, Jackie, Jenny and Victor to all of you who travelled on our Saturday Safari through Esher. We are always particularly particularly pleased to see so many people participating in café bridge for the first time, and we hope to welcome you all to a future event.

Congratulations to winners Helen Beattie and Brian Powell, and to runners-up Janet Adams and Sandra Simpson:

Thanks to our venues Siam Food Gallery, Brouge, and the Bear, and to helpers Katherine Kreuter, Dave Cowell, Tony & Helen Soar, John Balson and Ned Paul, the latter who also provided the equipment. We hope to repeat Saturday Safari in the not-too distant future.

Some photos of the event can be found here:

Please mail us at any of the addresses below with feedback or suggestions. If you would like to be kept informed by E-mail, please write to Victor asking to be put on his list.

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